Astral Evisceration On All Hallows Eve

by Various Artists



The crushing 2015 Hallows Eve split release including; Cunt Cuntly, Vulvodynia, Before The Harvest, Chamber Of Malice, Despondent, Become The Watcher, Existence Has Failed, The Overmind.


released October 30, 2015

Thank you to everyone involved in the process of making this happen. Special thanks to Chugcore and Brutal Gear for jumping on this release.



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Track Name: Before The Harvest - Appropriated By The Sluagh
Thine eyes pried open by the dirty little fingers of a Slaugh in search of fresh flesh to appropriate for Samhain.
Offerings prepared of the finest quality guaranteed for the protection of my soul, in times of need.


They say they once were human, that they used to walk this earth with us.
In shadow realms between the lines that cross between heaven and hell.

Spewing from the hell gate,
We take upon the sky.
Blotting out the sun.
And bringing with us only night.
Observing what you've offered,
We aim to keep our pride.
Parade our violent mischief.
Upon this eve we stride.

Violent in creation,
mischievous by nature.

Lean towards the western walls,
And seal off the open Windows.

Offer up your finest cattle,
And pray that they pass us over.
The contingent bound by the eve of Samhain.

Thirsting for release
From eons of oppression

We burn the ancient seals, revitalize the old ways.
Crawl across your fields while lapping at your offerings.
Seeping through your psyche,
we leave essence of our demon spawn.
On the eve of Samhain,
upon this filthy earth we swarm.
We know the lies you tell yourselves to keep your children safe at night.
We know why you sealed us behind a false religion;
Out of spite.

"Heaven nor hell hath no power here.
No servant of God nor demon from hell shall head judgement over their stay.
They seek to prey upon our flesh embody the weak and frail on this Sawains eve,
to frolic among-st the blood of thine earthly realm.
Indulge in our pleasures and our pains.
Our offers please them, but they've gone unseen. No one can save us."