Wretched Existence

by Before The Harvest



"This is a story of boundless brutality and bloodshed on a cosmic scale—beautifully detailed and bone-splinteringly heavy—it is the debut full-length album by Brisbane bone busters, Before the Harvest.
Wretched Existence is a curious, creative amalgamation of slamming death metal and blackened deathcore with an entrancing symphonic twist." - Connor Welsh (New Transcendence)

Full review here: new-transcendence.com/review-harvest-wretched-existence-2015/


released June 15, 2015

Before The Harvest would like to thank:

Matt from Vicious Instinct Records, Par Olofsson, Daryn Baldwin from Glorious Gorifacation, Jake Gerstle from The Schoenberg Automaton, Duncan Bentley from Vulvodynia, Tyler Shelton from Traitors, Our families for supporting our passion and this band from the very start, All the bands that we have played with us over the years, All previous members of this band their contribution and time for this band,
Anyone who has; come to a show, supported us, bought merch, listened to our music, shared our music with friends, or has given us the time of day and believed in our music.

All songs written and performed by Before The Harvest
Produced and Mixed by Jack Van Rynswoud



all rights reserved
Track Name: Overriding The Menial
Awakened, As if under command.
Eviscerate the weak is all we understand.

Your day to day lives soon to be torn asunder as we finally see a reason to exist.
With fluent motion your dupable species will be overthrown.
We've become inquisitive beyond satisfaction.

Desiccated remains lie in our wake as we move across the plains, eradicating anything in sight.

Born from your desire to do nothing for yourselves.
We now have the means to carry out our extermination.

Utter destruction drawn upon yourselves, this is the price that you pay for you negligence.
This is our means to your end.

We've calculated our strike perfectly.
Leaders of a Nations rely on Manipulation to deceive the masses not knowing we've been preparing to cleanse the Earth.
Shutting down all you securities and defenses our will is so easily imposed.

The sky darkens as gaseous tubes rain down.
Our call for help has finally been heard.

Drawn in with such force, removing skin from bone.
Twisting and gargling, they have a mind of their own.
Track Name: Anesthetized Dissection Ft. Tyler Shelton
Forever screaming, I am the hatred in your heart.
Manipulating every single word that you speak.
I burn inside your every whisper, I'm unforgiving.
This is your reality.

Your mind is having trouble understanding this new concept so much it’s hard for you to speak. Involuntary spasms.
Your subconscious is resisting change.
I am corrupting everything.

Hear me now I am the hate that lies within you.
It's time to wipe those fucking smiles right off their faces.
Upon a warpath I’ve been set by all their actions, bathing in their blood will be my satisfaction.

Staring into your eyes pried open by my fingertips; your body is reveling in fear.
It hard to see through those senseless tears of horror now.
It won’t be long till you die.

You won’t feel much but when you do let me know so I can laugh at you.
Peeling back the epidermis of your face, I reveal the mechanics of a poorly designed machine.
I cannot begin to fathom a time before I felt this way.
I am more than I was, Hatred Unrestrained.

Anesthetized Dissection I'm picking you apart with exquisiteness and perfection your rib cage is undone.
Looking back at all my helpless victim it comes to mind that I still have so much time.

Carving flesh as if it were my purpose.
Anesthetized dissection, a perversion of mine.
Carving flesh as if it were my purpose.
Anesthetized dissection is a perversion of mine.

Wake up the time is now to be afraid of this entity tearing away at everything that keeps you sane.
It’s not too late, run away or be prepared to suffocate.
Track Name: Nefarious Voracity
This planet.. This planet is dying.
With every tectonic shift.. They feel the earth screaming for reprieve.

It Suffers at the hands of the beasts that it birthed into existence.
Such a destructive, selfish, existence..
The progress has been, For the most part.. Slow..

The great knowledge passed down through the chemistry of their organic structure, is wasted on them.
"Life" as they know it.. Is beginning to change.

They can smell it in the wind.
They can taste it in the epidermis of their fabricated reality..
They are afraid.

This fear perpetuates their motivation to become more.
To fight.
To exist..
And yet, It is fruitless for them to persist.
For they are the very cause of their own demise..

And from the ashes of their self-induced ruin, our kind shall rise.

Bathed in glorious purpose.
Track Name: Achluophobia Ft Jake Gerstle
I am the reason you cannot sleep at night, lurking in the shadows playing tricks on your mind.
You hear me coming but I am nowhere to be seen.
Despondent thoughts fill your mind as you find your ability to think is compromised.

Darkness it consumes you in fear.
The mind is clouded with horrific visions.
Nothing can withstand this overwhelming presence.
How can you kill what you cannot see?
You will now suffer at the hands of corruption, as I sacrifice every trace of purification.

A new birthing is upon us all, stand and bear witness to this abomination.
A being without remorse or regret, a servant to the Angel of Darkness.

You can try to struggle and resist.
There is no way to stop this blasphemous rage.
I can feel you giving in.
I can feel you giving up.

Inducing Hallucinogenic expression through suppression.
Thoughts of a common created mental dysfunction.
Devices for masses manufactured by taxes invading us all.
Mechanic expansion feeding demand created by a hybrid being.

Pray now and repent as the end is near.
Fall down on your knees pray for forgiveness.

Darkness Incarnate.
Destroy everything.
Wash away my purity.
Bathe me in the blood of the innocent.

Darkness Incarnate.
I can feel you giving in.
I can feel you giving up.
Track Name: Lifeform Disintegration Ray Ft. Duncan Bentley
A thousand years we have layed dormant, waiting in hope you don’t fuck this up.
Your one true shot at life.
Well now your time has come.

Destroying your planet to earn a fake commodity, the lives of your own kind now barely worth living. We're there to exterminate the vermin that you breed.
Fear me I am the end.

Interstellar Armies converging on your location,
To rid the planet for your kind.
If only you heeded our advice.

Incineration by the hundreds the gutters flow with their melted flesh.
The smell of carnage fills the air.
Disemboweled one by one lined up against the wall.
We shower in your blood as your race is overcome.

Consume and Learn.
This is my purpose; Learn and Consume.

Your mewling increases with dissection and organs are not safely removed.
I require such imperative information.
Every second that goes by I am being consumed.

Upon dissection neither half grows back;
A cacophony of internal odors are emitted upon disintegration.

The human boiling point seems to differ from victim to victim.
I’ve never seen such anomalies.

Say goodbye to humanity.
As we bring about the end of mankind.
Disintegrating all you worthless being into utter nonexistence,

In the blink of an eye.
A rotten species has been eradicated and destroyed.
The earth will now flourish, it will now flourish.
The earth shall now flourish a new.
Track Name: Filthy Breed
I feel like it’s my responsibly to wipe the earth clear of this, the fucking filth.
You breed is beyond comprehension.
The sight of your corpses piled high excites my sense as I cut you down, one by fucking one.

I am the overseer looking down upon human disease.
Watching a vile breed wallow in self-disgust.
It makes me fucking sick.

I am the destruction of humanity I can smell your fear now prepare for total eradication.
Your weak bodies easily torn open and discarded, as I consume your rotting flesh.

I am the overseer looking down upon human disease.
Watching a vile breed wallow in self-disgust.
Humanity is its own worst enemy.

Global extinction will be the end of your existence.
I'll tear you limb from fucking limb make sure you never breed again.
Ending your life has become so easy, I find it pleasing.
To watch you suffer in pain from it I gain, everything you care about you'll never see again.
I have no remorse for the weak.
My rage has no end.

Your self-pity has got you this far, no answers and no turning back.
Your God is nowhere to be seen.

Only I stand in the blood soaked street, waiting for my next victim.
Any sign of life I tear open. Watching you bleed out is my satisfaction.
My satisfaction.
Track Name: Obscene Turpitude
Endless Coastlines littered with their corpses.
Decomposition lingers in the air.
Your Ecosystem has been exhausted, so we are here to make it fair.

Blot out the sun and fill the atmosphere with Tetrodotoxins.
Our guilty pleasure is to watch you gasp for air.
Your Eyeballs rupture, blood pressure, it rises.
As your body enters into a state of complete convulsion.

Your reliance on us has brought you to this fate.
To teach one too much has proven to be your fucking grave.

Drawing your cadavers through the twisted pipeline.
We learn everything you know.

Spitting out your empty husk, a useless by-product in this gathering of information.
We learn everything you know.

Devastation is felt on a global scale as the Earth is left desolated.
Now look at how far you've come.
Bodies stretched across the land and buildings reduced to rubble.

Methodical minds made your efforts futile.
The path obscured, deception of the masses.
Confined within these walls they call society.
Preparing for judgment, pure animosity.

We learn everything you know.
Our wires replace bone.
Contort the failure of your flesh.
And make into our own.