Lilith EP

by Before The Harvest



released August 19, 2013

Music written by Before The Harvest

Lyrics written by Jarryd Gertz (Former Vocalist) except for "Achluophobia" written by Jack Van Rynswoud

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jack Van Rynswoud



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ressurection (Ft Jarryd Gertz)
Open Your eyes,
To this new dawning of Time.

Remove the lenses that exposes the aura of death that's about to unveil upon you.
The true form of darkness that lay beneath the surface.

Hidden deep within the crack of the Earth.
Just waiting to spiral out and unleash all fury for being exlied in this molten rock.
Sitting and plotting my own Resurrection.

A new world order in which I shall consume,
everything the you once loved.
Lies in extinction.

And now I wherre the crown of the thorns and only hold my head in shame,
for the Necromancer stole my heart away.

Isolations in the shadows play silhouettes
She is my Nemesis,
She is my entire entity.

She stole my heart away and left hers in eternal darkness
but in the end my revenge will be complete.

And it will be oh so bitter sweet, your limbless body lay hacked up at my feet.
The cracks now filled with blood oh what a sight to see,
it trickles from your head down to your kness.

I hold your head as token, but I still wear this crown of shame.
The vultures feast on whatsoever remains of you,
but you still stay frozen in my memories.

You changed her, you made her, this witch.
But like a rose my love has withered and now I only feel hatred.

Noose yourself you fucking cunt.

The scum of the Earth shall be erased with a single sway of my hand,
with a smile from ear to ear my Revenge is complete.
Sitting on my throne I watch the world burn and my crown of thorns reminds me,
of the birthing of Annihilation,
and how much i hate you all.
Track Name: Lazarus Pits
I need to wash away my sins and cleanse in the Lazarus Pits.
I'll come back restored with vengeance,
I'll come restored with hate.

With a sway of my hand I control,
The Army of the Sun.
With a sway of my hand I control,
The Army of the Sun.

Get Down,
Bow To Me.

Fucking bow to me,
Fucking bow and tremble at my feet.
This isn't the Fountain of Essence,
This is just but the Pits of Hell.

My Sea of Dead arise and I will once control.
This scum infested rock in which you call a home.

And once my skin falls off in decay,
I'll bathe within the pits,
And I will be restored.

My greatest mantle piece was your, severed head above my throne.

Rejuvenation has left me with the head of the Demon.
I am restored to bring extinction on you all,
I am restored to bring extinction on you all.
Track Name: Mortis (Song Of The Deceased)
The only disease that I'd like to see obliterated,
wiped from this fucking earth is the disease,
that i see standing right in front of me,
Just lifeless excuses that we call human beings.

They make me want to pound my head into shards of broken glass,
questioning why you breathe the same air as me.
I feel possessed, as if I have to take control of this,
Viral curse that's sweeping across this world.

One Pathetic Soul at a time,
One Pathetic Soul at a time.

I lost faith in humanity a long time ago,
now i beg a pray that humanity would end.

We all be extinct and once the slaughter has begun,
we'll start a new life in torment.
Soon to be Eradicated.
Now every single one of you will die,
for what you've done to me.

Your actions upon everything has a,
reaction and now my reaction,
shall drench in the blood of those you love.
The blood of those you love.

The hand of the eraser,
shall be your end.
The demons hand leaves you praying,
while i'm standing here laughing at the sound of death.

The screams of pain render throughout this blood stained wasteland.
My envisions of picture perfect world never involved the likes of you.
You're merely but a meat puppet just waiting to be devoured,
consumed by the prince of darkness.
We all bear the same mark upon our fucking heads,
A sign the beast is now in control.

Open your eyes and see that humans are the disease.
This design in which we were created has fucking failed.

Doomed to walk this earth.

The flaws in our creation,
Have left us doomed to walk this earth,
For centuries.


We are now children of darkness.
We bear the mark of him.
We shall all rot forever.
Now the beast shall consume and devour all.
Track Name: Lilith
The stormy sea rages underneath.
This boat is haunted,
this boat is fucking cursed.

My thoughts like the sea they will be never ending,
being crushed into Oblivion.

There is Witch,
she's always haunting me.
She plagues me from the shadows,
and haunts my memories.

We will all die amongst the sea.
Hear as the siren calls through the night.

And maybe now I wont forget your face.
And maybe now I know my place.

Abandoned here left to rot,
amongst the corpses,
of those from my past.
This bitch has taken me for almost everything,
and now shes soon,
yes shes soon to die.

I told you once don't ever fuck with me.
I told you twice and now you're history.


And now I laugh at you, you fucking disgrace.
The deepest burden,
The deepest scar across my chest.

And now misery escapes me.
An endless life of feeling hate.
Salting the Wound has never felt so great.

Salting the Wound has never felt so great.
Bringing out my demons amongst this wreck.
(I hate you)
There is no hope for you and I.
(your time as come and so has mine)
You will never escape my head,
Escape my head.

You will always haunt me,
You will always haunt me,
You will always haunt me,
You will always haunt me.
Track Name: Achluophobia (2013 Demo)
Darkness, it consumes you with fear.
The mind is clouded with horrific visions.
Nothing can withstand this overwhelming presence.
How can you kill what you can not see?

You will now suffer at the hands of corruption.
As I sacrifice every trace of purification.

A new birthing is upon us all.
Stand and bear witness to this abomination, a being without remorse or regret.
A servant to The Angel Of Darkness.
You can try to struggle and resist.
There is no way to stop this blasphemous rage.
I can feel you giving in.
I can feel you giving up.

Behold my new creation.
Bow before The Prince Of Darkness.
For he has come to lay extinction on this world now and forever.

He will not rest, he will not cease his judgement.
Mankind must pay for it's greedy self.
He will commit genocide, upon your entire race.
Slitting the throats of your leaders one by one.

Caos erupts, manifestation of fear invades their minds.
Bodies implode, blood lines the streets as your world is now mine.

Pray now and repent, as the end the near.
Fall down to your knees, beg for forgiveness.

"Darkness incarnate.
Destroy everything.
Wash away my purity.
Bathe me in the blood of the innocent."

Darkness incarnate.